An organization announces a tender for the implementation of an anaerobic wastewater treatment tank

An organization announces a tender for the implementation of an anaerobic wastewater treatment tank

#Amal_Organization_for_Relief_and_Development announces its desire to invite #bids in sealed envelopes for the implementation of the anaerobic wastewater treatment tank for its project implemented in #Syria - Aleppo countryside - Batbo village.

- Tender number: ARD2021-007

- Tender start date: 26-08-2021

- Project code: 18

- Tender end date: 07-09-2021


The supplier wishing to submit to the tender is obligated to fill out the price quote attached to the advertisement, which includes the supplier’s information in addition to the price in euro exclusively, and the price quote is duly stamped with the company’s official seal.

The supplier wishing to apply for the tender is also obligated to provide the organization with the following files:

The financial offer signed and sealed with the official seal of the company: Annex 3 "Please download it from the link below". Attachment 3

Book of Special Conditions (Technical) and Engineering Drawings: Annex 2 "Please download it from the link below".

The legal and financial general conditions book, signed and stamped with the company’s official seal: Annex 1 “Please download it from the link below.”

Tender files

To download the files, please click on the attachments

Note 1

All the files required above are considered an essential and integral part of submitting the offer, and accordingly, any envelope that does not contain these documents will be rejected. Please see the basis for evaluating the offer in Annex 4.

Note 2

Interested suppliers must pay the tender deposit amount of 1000 US dollars and it will be delivered to the financial department during the presentation of the offer so that their offers will be accepted and will be returned after the bids are opened.

Note 3

All files mentioned must be submitted in a sealed envelope sealed with the official company seal.

Submit offers

The bids were delivered by the bidder or his representative, provided that they were delivered to the purchasing department and signed at the organization's office.

Offers shall be delivered in a sealed envelope bearing the name of the bidder/company and contact number (telephone - email) at the office of Amal Organization daily from 10.00 in the morning until 16.30 except on Saturdays and Sundays starting from 08/26-2021 until 09/07/21 5:00 pm at the following address:

Turkey office

Turkey - Gaziantep - doctorlar Building, Block B-Sixth Floor, Office No. 604

Knowing that the offers will be opened at the organization's office in Turkey - Gaziantep – on 8-09-2021.

To inquire about more office addresses, please contact the Purchasing Department within the dates specified above on the email or the phone number below:

Phone number


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