Together for a promising future

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نعمل لخدمة السوريين
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Food security and livelihood Sector

We offer our projects in the food security and livelihood sector by providing projects that generate income, distributing food baskets, in addition to supporting seasonal crops and vegetables, producing fertilizers, and supporting the productive value chain and fodder projects.


Protection Sector

We offer our services in the Protection sector through projects that work on Child Protection, supporting women and girls safe space, and awareness raising about the property rights for male and female Internal Displaced people.


WASH sector

We provide our services in WASH sector through projects to rehabilitate water stations, distribute hygiene supplies, collect and manage medical waste, treat sewage water and recycle.

We work to serve Syrians everywhere

We seek to unify the efforts and progress through team work to serve the civil society in whole Syria, aim to improve the human reality in Syria, and implement high-professionalism development projects and benefit in society ... Our priority is to raise the intellectual, educational, and living standards of the various social strata, to ensure the assistance and development of economically marginalized groups through awareness, support, training and guidance by engaging in work, production and self-reliance.

We provided services to more than


thousand beneficiaries

We implemented our projects in


locations in Syria

We have implemented


projects so far

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Give help where it's needed most

Credibly target cooperative experiences after distinctive initiatives. Quickly underwhelm alternative e-tailers before low-risk high-yield process improvements

Together for a promising future