How do I preserve my property (HLP)

project How do I preserve my property (HLP)

With the aim of contributing to the protection of the rights of women and girls in the governorate of #Homs, #Amal for Relief and Development announces the launch of its new project, How do I preserve my property, which is to support internally displaced women from Homs to protect their rights related to land and real estate property (HLP), and the project will be implemented in the area of ​​#Kafr_Takhrim.

Real estate platform (HLP) for displaced women from Homs

The Real Estate Platform (HLP) for Displaced Women from Homs is one of the activities of the project to support women displaced from Homs to protect their rights to housing, land and real property, which is implemented by Amal Organization for Relief and Development to support displaced women from Homs Governorate, to protect their rights related to real estate issues and property, managed by the organization, among The services you provide to the displaced. The platform also includes a legal consultation room composed of specialists to answer the beneficiaries' questions. The platform will be updated periodically by legal experts from the Amal organization, and the organization ensures that the confidentiality and privacy of information is respected

The platform works on

expand knowledge

exchange experiences

disseminate information

raise awareness

The platform aims to

Publishing studies and research related to real estate and property issues

Publication of laws, legislation and opinions of legal experts

Publishing monthly and annual reports on the project in addition to general reports

Publishing informational materials, such as awareness brochures, videos, etc

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