Integrated management project for the olive tree

Integrated management project for the olive tree in the Kafr Takharim area

With the aim of contributing to improving food security and livelihoods in northwestern Syria by supporting olive cultivation activities, Amal Organization for Relief and Development announces the launch of its new project, Integrated Management of the Olive Tree in Northwest Syria - in the Kafr Takharim area of Idlib city, where 300 olive farmers will benefit from the project .

- Project duration: 8.5 months

- Registration starts: 21/10-2021

- Beneficiaries: 300 olive farmers

- Registration ends: 10/27-2021

The main activities of the project

Provide olive picking service with relevant inputs.

Provide pruning services with some relevant input.

Providing plowing service, fertilization inputs and intercropping legume crops.

Providing technical training to the beneficiaries.

Conditions and criteria for registration of olive growers

The applicant must be from the local community in Kafr Takharim and be over 18 years old.

The applicant must have an olive field in the fruiting stage, and it ranges between 3-10 dunums maximum.

The beneficiary must not own any assets that can be sold (car, jewelry, valuables).

Not be a beneficiary of another grant, and his family has not received regular financial support from another organization in the past 3 months through project funding of over $300.

The beneficiary must have a minimum knowledge of olive tree care and an interest in learning and applying the knowledge.

To be from poor and economically affected families who do not have a sustainable source of income.

Registration priority for the following families

Families with large numbers.

Families with children under five years old.

Families with the elderly, and families headed by women.

Families with a pregnant, nursing, disabled or chronically ill woman.

To register and benefit from the project

Brothers and sisters who meet the required criteria to benefit from the project are kindly requested to visit the organization's office, which is the only place for a registration procedure where the legislator's team is present until the end of the date: 10/27-2021. Applicants must bring an official document that includes ownership of the land or eligibility to invest in it, along with a copy of the ID card, in order to study and process the application.

The organization's office is in Syria

Syria - Idlib. Kafr Takharim. Al- hokla. Al Balad Tower Building. ground floor

For complaints and suggestions, please visit the center of the Amal Organization: Kafr Takharim city, or contact the following WhatsApp number, or send a message to the complaints email.

Phone number


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