Amal Center for Social Support project - The fourth phase

Amal Center for Social Support project - The fourth phase

With the aim of contributing to combating Gender-Based Violence, supporting women and adolescent girls to prevent its occurrence, and responding to mitigate its effects, Amal Organization for Relief and Development announces the launch of the 4th phase of Amal Center for Social Support project in Kafr Takharim area, where it will provide a package of activities and services within this scope. Includes:

The second stage includes

Raising awareness of Gender-Based Violence

Psychosocial Support services

Case Management

Life Skills training

Reproductive Health training

Parenting Skills training

Vocational training and livelihoods to empower women

These activities will empower Syrian women and help them

To possess the basic concepts of how to access services for gender-based violence

To create a safe environment for women and girls within the community

To Increase their opportunities to enter the professional and administrative labor market in a safe environment

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